A modern fairy tale

Many modern people think there are no more fairy tales, no more prince charming, no more evil witches, but in fact there are, you just have to look a bit hard for them.

Justin was certainly looking hard at Cindy’s ass when he entered through the doorway and saw Cindy’s perfectly shaped pussy lips, he’d never realised she was so hot underneath her usual frumpy clothing. Cindy looked up from the list of boys names in front of her, a list of names that contained all the ugliest, smelliest, uncool people in the school. Justin being a prime example of the type of person on the list felt like he was in a dream when Cindy turned to look at him and said in a commanding voice “pussy or ass, Justin”. She slapped her ass hard as she said it waking Justin from this stunned silence, he approached unbuckling his belt, he still wasn’t sure if this was a trick. Cindy didn’t seem like the girl to pull a cruel trick on him, but she had been hanging out with Brad, the coolest jock in school, she might have change. On the other hand she was showing off her lady parts to him so she would be just as embarrassed if this was some kind of trap.

Justin sweaty hands each took a handful of Cindy’s ass as he positioned himself behind Cindy, his y-fronts straining to hold back his dick, Justin felt Cindy shudder, he could not tell if it was in anticipation or disgusted. At this point he didn’t care if this was a trap or not he pulled his underwear down naively thrust his hips forward, his dick slid into Cindy’s tight asshole, the lube helping Justin slip deep inside of her. A few quick thrusts later and Justin shot his first cum load into a woman, his knees buckled and he fell on top of Cindy, his spotty face rubbing against Cindy’s soft neck as she supported the both of them.

Justin’s hot stinking breath disgusted Trisha but she was doing this for her daughters, Anna and Drew, ever since her daughters told her that Cindy had been hanging out with Brad, she knew she might have to take drastic steps to make sure Brad took one of her daughters to the prom instead of her step-daughter Cindy. Trisha knew that using her spell book to possess her step-daughter so she could ruin Cindy’s reputation to benefit her daughters, might make her a wicked step-mother, maybe an evil step-mother, but Trisha preferred to think of herself as the perfect mother.

Justin’s flaccid dick plopped out of Cindy’s asshole as he stepped away, for a few seconds he admired his handy work before, with a new found confidence, he strolled out of the room. A moment later Steve came into the room, Cindy looked up from the list at Steve’s face for a second, a second Trisha regretted for Steve was even uglier than Justin, “pussy or ass Steve” she said slapping the spot Justin had just moments ago been pawing at with his hairy hands. Trisha looked back at the list of thirty names and knew that thanks to her hard work and magical powers, one of daughters would be made prom queen one day.

You see there are fairy tales happening every day the only reason we don’t hear about them is that, unlike in the book, it is the evil person who usually wins.


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