A Little More Than We Wanted

Its become a tradition in our house on Friday evenings. After the long week of work, we both get tired. To try something different, I swap our genders and make him different every time. Last week he was a 35 year old milf and I was a 20 year old dude. The week before that we were college kids, horny and ready to go. This week just before the change he told me how his job made him go to the local high school and recruit kids for a summer internship. It made me think of the perfect personality for him or rather soon to be her. I began my transformation, not wanting to wait.
His body shrunk down to about 5’4 I grew to around 5’11. As usual her hair grew out first shaping itself into a ponytail, followed by her figure slimming out, her ass expanded, her waist shrunk. Her face changed and was covered with makeup. Her chest grew out, this time small C cups, average. Her pussy grew in next as the clothes that had fallen off the man she used to be began to transform. Short jean shorts made their way up her legs after her black and pink panties took their place. A pink victorias secret P.I.N.K bra clipped itself on her chest. Following the bra came a loose fitting shirt from the same place with the poodle on her chest. Then I could tell her mind changed, she could always remember being a man but would talk, act, walk, and be as if she was a girl her whole life.
My change came during hers. My boobs dropped to nothing as my flat chest gained slight muscle. I turned into a toned skinny 17 year old boy. My hair shortened but was still slightly long, my ass shrank to become flat, my vagina became a penis, I could feel it growing to at least 8 inches, it was already hard from looking at Amy. My mind was changing, instead of seeing her as my husband I still knew she was my husband but her name was amy and I also knew her from school. I couldn’t wait to tell my friends that I fucked Amy Peters.
“You ready Amy?” I asked
Her voice was now high pitched. “Yeah but lets make sure to do it before my parents get home.” I obliged taking off my clothes as she too hers off. I pushed her to the bed and started making out with her. My dick got even harder as she rolled over and began to suck my dick, I made sure to let her do this as it’s one of my favorite things to recieve when I’m a man. Just before I cummed I got behind her, grabbed her ponytail and fucked her from behind. She moaned as my cock filled her pussy, my husband was now the high school slut and I was fucking her. She let out a huge gasp and I let out a few grunts as our orgasms synced. I tried to pull out but I filled her up with cum. We fell asleep and stayed teenagers for the whole weekend. On sunday night when we tried to switch back we couldn’t. There was only one explanation, I had gotten her pregnant. The only thing to do was to enroll in school and become parents.


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