A little change

Oliver was on shore leave at a bar when he saw this blonde babe. She was a knockout. He couldn’t take his eyes off of her: she was flimsily-clad and confident and ohh my…her tits were just perfect. She noticed him and came over to his table.

“Want me, sugar?” she said in her dulcet tones. What could he do but nod? “Do you want my body?” she asked, and he nodded again. She started breathing fast and gasped: “Would you take every inch of me? Will you say it?” she asked, suddenly looking a bit vulnerable and expectant. “Yes,” replied Oliver as he took a stiff drink of whisky and stood up. “I want every inch of your body and I will take it all, babe,” he said. Her lips erupted into the biggest grin he’d ever seen.

“Then come upstairs with me and take my body,” she said, grabbing his hand and swaying her hips at every step.

When they reached a private room, she ripped his pants and boxers off and roughly pushed him onto the bed. “What is this?” Oliver exclaimed, getting alarmed. “A little change,” she said sweetly, and tugged at the earring on her right ear, starting to chant. Oliver suddenly felt stuck in place.

“What is going on?!” he shouted as he writhed on the bed and watched her undress and transformed. “Oh god you’re sprouting a cock…wait that looks just like MY cock…but that means, that can’t mean that…I’m gonna become…I can’t become…uhh…I’m growing your…nnngh, ughhh!” he cried in ever higher tones as he took every inch of her body. In a few minutes she let him sit up and she stripped off his T-shirt and started putting it on. He felt the weight of his chest as it settled. “This is impossible but I am…a woman now. I am YOU, aren’t I?” he said to her as she got dressed.

She calmly put on his old boxer briefs and said to him: “Look, now I am Oliver. Your name is Tara. I was cursed by my girlfriend to live in this body after our breakup, and I was thrilled when you said you wanted it. Now it IS yours, Tara. That’s the one consolation my ex-girlfriend offered: a single-use magic spell to give me a way out if after I’d learned my lesson about how to treat women. I’ve waited a long time for someone like you to speak the opening words. ‘A little change’ is what I promised you: now let’s get you dressed, sugar. Mental alterations will kick in right about now. What you do with them is now your business, Tara.”

Oliver felt like protesting but the sheer experience of grabbing his tits convinced him that he was Tara now. Then it was like a switch just flipped.

“Hi, I’m Tara,” she said, biting her lip and kneading her tits. “Sorry you have go back to your ship, sailor. Wanna go-away fuck?” she asked.


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