A Deal Is A Deal

As I shut the bathroom door in my roommate Jason’s face, Jason stood behind the door screaming at me ” YOU SAID IF WE CAME TO NEW ORLEANS YOU PROMISED THAT WE WOULD GET LAID!”. I had lied that I knew my way around Town but I wanted to come here so I would have promised Jason anything to get my way. I heard Jason slam the door shut as he went out of the room and I thought ” I like Jason even though he is a rich kid with a trust fund and always wants his way but we are really best friends so he will get over this.” I was enjoying my shower and all soapy when I heard Jason come back in the room. I heard Jason walk to the door and crack it open and say ” Alex you know there is a real voodoo shop on the corner”. Glad that he was calm again I said ” awesome we can check it out once I get out.” Jason never came in the bathroom when I showered before so I watched him through the steamy shower door as he went to the sink and picked up my hair brush from the sink. “What are you doing Jason” I asked and he answered “helping you keep your promise”. I watched as he took a hair placed it in a strange looking locket. Jason then commanded me to come and stand in front of him and face the mirror. Without a word I followed his instruction like my body needed to obey him as much as it needed air. I could have refused just like I could stop breathing but I did not want to do either. Seeing my 6’2 buff frame in the mirror dripping soap with Jason taking his clothes off behind me sent shock waves trough me. I screamed ” JASON NO FUCKING WAY!!!” and Jason answered ” you said you would make sure I would get laid”. I countered quickly knowing he controlled my body and I was not wanting to lose my virgin butt hole and said ” I said I would make sure you would get laid by a woman and I never knew were into guys too”. Jason smiled and said “I am not into guys so keep your promise”. I felt like I was falling but I watched my body change I deflated like a balloon loosing over a foot in height I looked like skinny kid when a new wave of changes hit me quick ” My COCK” I screamed as it flattened out and the hole in it spread and stretched to a slit as my balls rose up in me and the sack became a small flap of skin on a perfect PUSSY. My still soapy small chest then erupted into two perfect female breasts. I looked in the mirror and said ” THIS HAS TO BE A DREAM” sounding even in inflection like a woman. Jason still naked came back in my view and stood there and I saw I only came to his chest seeing how much bigger he was now made my body act very weird I felt warm butterflies in my stomach and my new nipples still soapy became hard and very sensitive. Jason then wrapped his arms around me and I felt his huge cock on my back he leaned down and whispered ” a promise is a promise. Continued…..


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