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A body susceptible to wishes 2

When my girlfriend saw me still playing videogames she got mad, “I hoped that when you transformed into a woman, you would leave that stupid hobby once and for all” she said. “Well, I thought so too, and I do feel like a woman. But I do like videogames and you can’t change that” I said. “Well, I wish you were more like me. Actually, I wish you were me”. Again, I felt my body change. In a couple of seconds, I was an exact copy of Amy. “Where did John go?” I asked her. I had no idea what had happened, one second ago, I was standing up, yelling at my boyfriend, and now I am sitting down, holding a beer and a controller. “Wait? was I John?” I said outloud. Read more

A body susceptible to wishes

“Stop it! you play videogames all day! sometimes I feel you are such a child” my girlfriend said. “And you spend all your time on the web! what is the difference?” I yelled back at her. “Sometimes I wish you’d understand me better, I wish you were more like me. Even if that meant you were a woman” she said. At that exact moment, I felt weird, my hair started to grow longer, my body reshaped into the one of a 22 year old woman. We were both amazed at what just happened. We forgot all about our fight. After talking about what might happened, and coming to no possible explanation; we decided to go to bed, and experiment a little. Her fingers inside my new pussy felt great, but nowhere near as good as her tongue. I came so many times. Read more