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A Bet is a Bet – Part 2

After 2 weeks of on-demand blowjobs, Jason had to admit that I’d won the bet. Finally! I guess it’s fair that he had to test all the places he could ask for a blowjob to check if I would, and he was very thorough. He was even kind enough to let me sleep in his bed, so that I could easily give him a morning blowie! And I guess he never specified who got the blowjob either, so when all his work pals came over for the game, I was very busy. Read more

A Bet is a Bet – Part 1

When my housemate Jason told me about the bodysuit, there was no way I believed him. Honestly, I thought it was just going to be some goofy prank, and that he’d put some itching powder in it – but a bet is a bet, and I put it on. Immediately, it shrunk tight around me, moulding and shaping my body into this little brunette. Read more