A Bet is a Bet – Part 1

When my housemate Jason told me about the bodysuit, there was no way I believed him. Honestly, I thought it was just going to be some goofy prank, and that he’d put some itching powder in it – but a bet is a bet, and I put it on. Immediately, it shrunk tight around me, moulding and shaping my body into this little brunette.

Unfazed, I turned to Jason with a hand outstretched. “That’s $20 you owe me!”

He shrugged, and reached for his wallet, before pausing. “How about double or nothing? Bet you can’t stay in that bodysuit for the rest of the weekend…”

I laughed at that. Too easy! As the weekend went on, Jason seemed to get more nervous that I was going to win. On Sunday night, as I showed up to his room with my smug grin, he offered another bet.

“Okay, this time how about we make the whole of next week – but you have to wear girl’s clothes!”

He’s obviously trying to taunt me, and I know I could just take the $40, but it’s just a bet. Sticking out my hand again, we shake on it, and he gets out a suitcase full of women’s clothes. From an old girlfriend, I think – it’s lucky I’m her size! She was a bit slutty though…

This week seemed even harder on Jason. Seeing me flounce around the house in crop tops and miniskirts just showed how easily I could pass his silly bet, and get that $80! I looked so comfortable, Jason actually caved on Wednesday, giving in, and declaring me the winner once again!

“Soooo, you want me to go and get your wallet for you? Unless, you’ve got another double or nothing in mind?”

He looked even more troubled this time, trying to think of a way to not lose the money. Finally, he comes up with something. “Well, how about finishing the week completely naked? I bet double or nothing you can’t do that!”

Oh my, I hadn’t expected that. But, after a moment to think, I stripped off there and then, showing my trim figure off to him.

This time he didn’t even last the rest of the day, as I went about my business wearing nothing but a pair of high heels. Well, I admit I was bending down in front of him a lot – just to show how easy this bet was going to be for me, of course!

Our fifth bet came as he gave up for the second time, and I didn’t want to ruin the fun! $320 all for one silly little blowjob, whenever he asked? Easy-peasy! I mean, I guess he didn’t specify an end time, so I kinda had to do this indefinitely, but I’m not one to turn down a bet!


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