Tom and James ran as fast as they could. They ran until they found shelter inside the back storeroom of a hardware store. Tom slammed the door shut and locked it.
“Did you see that?” James said panting as he sat down in the corner. “Men, turning into women….bimbos! Women…into bimbos”
“How the fuck is that possible?” Tom was out of breath as well. He walked up to James who was sitting down in the corner.
“Hey dude, what’s that on your arm?” James pointed out to Tom. Both boys looked. It was lipstick. “Oh fuck, she kissed you! One of those bimbos kissed you….” James panicked.
“No, that’s not possi..ble…” Tom trailed off. His hair turning blonde and growing past his shoulders.
“Get…Get away from me Tom.” James was already cornered.
“Feels…No….Nnggh…so…good….” Tom moaned as his masculinity was melting away into feminine beauty.
“Fight it Tom!” James yelled.
“But I like being a sexy woman…” Tom giggled as his shirt exploded unable to contain her breasts. “….and you will too.” Tom now Tammy the bimbo climbed on top of James and laid a deep kiss onto his lips.
“Tom…please…mmmhmmm….noo..nn..mmmhhhmmmmm yes….”James squirmished around. He could feel his inner bimbo begin to emerge.


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