Wait a minute

“Kelly, you can’t do this to me,” Stan protested as he simultaneously grabbed his tits and felt his crotch, both of which were encased in grey undergarments, and both of which belonged to his wife less than five minutes ago.

“I can and I will, you cheating prick,” Anna said, sporting and strutting with her newly acquired cock, which had been Stan’s former endowment. “You’ve gotten what you deserved. You wanted pussy? Well, enjoy.”

“Wait, just wait a minute,” stammered Stan, who was still trying to wrap his mind around the enormity of having a vagina. “Wait, dammit, do you mean that I can get pregnant now like a woman? Periods and hot flashes and other female stuff?”

“You are a woman, silly.” She felt her cock rise as she said this. Maybe she should consummate their marriage; she’d do it better than he ever had done.


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