You Will Be Ready Soon

I knocked on the door of the Goth witchy girl I was renting one of my house to and when a man in dress shirt answered the door I was surprised. He pulled a 9mm gun and motioned me in and told me to sit at the table scared to death I did. He said “I am taking over all your properties so sign this bill of sale and this letter saying you are leaving to sail around the world in your small sail boat, by the way I sank it last night”. with the gun to my head I obeyed. Then he said ” Take off your clothes” I asked “why” and he answered “so my spell will work you see I am April the girl that you rented to and I found this spell book and guess what it works.” I thought guy was a loon but he had a gun so I stripped. He motioned me to a door mirror and said “watch” while he opened an old skin covered book and read a spell and I saw myself melt into a duplicate of the girl I rented the house to. He put the gun away and said ” Your very submissive now to me you will do what I say even if you don’t want to.” I felt a tingle but the same I then demanded to be changed back and he just said “quite” and I stopped talking. I felt that I wanted to talk but I knew I better not so I keep quite. He then he said “sit on the sofa beside me and spread your legs” feeling vulnerable and know what now was between my legs I did not I hesitated but her told me to do it and he was the boss so I obeyed. He then inserted his finger and started finger fucking me and I felt my core warm and become wet then my new lips on my sex flowered I felt empty and he whispered ” good girl you know I was lesbian now and very heterosexual and so are you and when I make you orgasm you will act very girly and you fall deeply in love with me and do me right here” and I answered ” PLEASEEE STOPPPP I can’t HOLD IIITTTTT AYAYAAY”. Then I turned round and guided his cock in me and fucked his brains out I love him soooo much giggle.


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