You take mine i take yours

(this is my first cap and i’m not a native so please go easy on me)
He finaly overcame his fear and started to touch his new body. Slowly he moved his fingers down over his breasts, his tummy untill he finaly met his pussylips. It alls was so strange, less then 20 hours ago he had been a grown man and now he had his fingers inside his pussy.

It had been a normal day, his flatmate Julia had just returned home and he already had prepared himself for a long lecture about privacy and him taking her stuff, becouse he had been in her room again and went throu her stuff. The door opened and she came in but not shouting and fuming like she normaly did, she was almost scary calm and came up to him and sat down on his lap. Then she totaly cought him of guard by kissing him. He tried to resist and stop her muttering something about them being flatmates and they shouldn’t do this. She however just went on her knees and opend his jeans. She took his dick out and started liking and teasing it untill it was fully erect. She then started muttering something and started pulling. Just when he wanted to crie out in pain his dick came of. She stood up and held his dick and balls up to his face with a grinn. He started to shout and insult her but with one quick motion of her hand he became silent. She then started to say how she had it with him taking her stuff and had decidet to take his for a change but had left him with something else to enjoy. She then went out and said it was just the start. When he got up and went behind her already shouting he fount the door was locked and he couldn’t get out. Aftet shouting and hammering at the door for hours he went to his bed feeling stragely sore and exhousted and colapsed on it.

When he woke up he felt even more sore. He got up and found his clothes were way to big for him so he removed them. When he discovered he had somehow changed into a woman the whole neighborhood was shaken by a highpitched scream. Several hours of shouting, sobing and further growth of his breasts later he descidet to finaly satisfy his growing curiosity and feel himself up.

After a long time of self satisfaction he got disturbed by a stark naked Julia standing in his fiew holding his dick up. He quickly stopped and she started to tell him that he’d get his dick back. She slowly moved it down and onto her pussy and it atached smothly the veihns on it started pusing again. He tried to protest but she quickly stuck the dick inside his pussy suffocating his complains with moans. After s long time both colapsed on the bed.

If he will ever become male again, we don’t know but you definetly stick to your own stuff.


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