Couple’s Counselling Part II

“Good job Erica! You’re learning fast!” Amanda gleefully commented, holding Darrel’s cock steady for her husband, Eric, whom which she had used a gender swapping remote on in hopes of teaching him how to be better at sex.

Eric, now called Erica, removed her lips from around her (currently ex) best friend’s cock creating a loud *POP* “Amanda… how is this teaching me to be better at sex?” Erica asked curiously, glaring at his wife who seemed a little too happy about his current situation.

“Oh! Ummm…” Amanda stalled as she tried to come up with a good response, “see how it’s actually a challenge to deep throat Darrel’s cock? I’ve never felt that way about you. Let’s see how far you can go!”

Before Erica had a chance to say that didn’t really answer her question, Amanda’s hand was placed against the back of her head forcing her forward until her nose touched the base of Darrel’s large cock, eyes watering and gagging the whole way.


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