You Like? Me Like!!!

Celeste and I had been seeing each other for about 6 months now, and I was about to take the relationship to the next level. So we had a date arraigned for that night at our favorite restaurant and I told her to dress special. We went and had a great time ,so when we arrived back at her apartment , we started discussing our relationship. She said” You haven’t hid anything from me, so I’m gonna come clean with something I hope doesn’t freak you out!” I started worrying about what it could be…She sensed my worry and said” No No!!! It’s nothing bad…I just have this talent…. Let me show you…” Al of a sudden I felt the room go dark and then it was light again. Only problem was I was looking at my body! She said” See , It’s a trait that my family has had for centuries…” As I’m sitting here in Celeste body, I start to get urges that I didn’t have…Celeste said” Oh , by the way, you should be getting excited… Oh, yes I can see it in your eyes !!!” I said as I seductively looked at her in my body “You like??? Me like!!!


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