Family gathering

It was a bloody mess to put it frankly.
During their visit to their son and daughter in law, and their grandchild, the invention their son was working on in the basement malfunctioned.
The energies released from the failed experiment swept through the house and put all of them into the wrong bodies. To make it even worse their grandchild Billy had been promised a meal at his favorite fast food restaurant and he was relentless in wanting to go there anyway, despite the fact that he now inhabited the body of his mother.
Laura sighed. It felt nice being young and all, but in her sons body? That felt absolutely weird. She looked at her grandchild who actually looked carefree even after the current circumstances. He was happy he had managed to get a firefighters cap and a whole 12 inch sub in front of him. He even took a solemn vow to eat all of it.
Laura chuckled at that, his mother would not be pleased hearing that her body ate a large amount of junk food.
Her phone vibrated. A message from her son, the inventor that messed things up in the first place. Twelve more hours until they can change back. She put back the phone into her pocket, careful not touching her male genitalia.
Twelve more hours. With what could they keep Bill preoccupied with in twelve more hours?


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