– So who is the strongest? I’ve told you a woman can beat a man in hand to hand combat. I even success to get you naked.
– Ok ok, you win, now let me go. I don’t want the crowd to see me naked
– On that i agree, they didn’t come to see a naked man. So what about give them a little show.
– What! i’m …. i’m a chick!!!
– Yeah you are, and you’ll stay like this until you can beat another wrestler like you were. But be sure of yourself before a fight, because every time you lose, you will have the need to fuck the winner. Maybe next time, you’ll think about it more before saying sexist remarks. And the more you lose, the more you will become femnine.

And with that Stephanie let the old champion go and we never see him again. Instead there was a hot girl who want to fight wrestler but always finish fucked in the shower. Now she is just the gift for the winner of the day. Didn’t want to be the champion anymore, just being fucked by him


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