Dick Muncher

Henry called Kyle a “dick muncher” for not wanting to stand up to the bully at school, Patrick, who was continually stealing his lunch money. Henry and Kyle had been friends at school for a few years, but Kyle was tired of being insulted by Henry, as Henry had a big mouth so to speak. The “dick muncher” name pushed him over the edge of anger. Kyle was mad, and was about to yell back at Henry. Kyle wasn’t a fighter, but could yell with the best of them, and did have a bit of a tempter when pushed too much!

Earlier that day Kyle had found an odd coin, one which looked as if it had the face of a genie on the front, and the back of his head on the back, and some weird language in Arabic on the front and back also. He kept it to see if he could sell it online later for money, but never knew of it’s true power. It was worth more than just money, it would grant the wish of a single person one time, then disappear from them and appear randomly someplace else to be found again by a new person. This creating the cycle for the Wishing Coin, as that is what it really was.

Kyle with the coin in his front pocket, yelled at Henry, “Henry don’t call me that name. Maybe you’re the dick muncher here not me!”

Henry replied, “NO, YOU ARE! You can’t stand up to some stupid bullying hack! If you don’t stand up for yourself, you might as well be some dick munching little slut.”

Kyle said, becoming more and more angry with Henry his friend, “I wish you were a dick muncher so you would have a mouth full of dick and shut up.”

Henry replied, getting angry himself, “That is about enou…. Ah what is happeneeeeeeeng tooo omeeeeeeeee ahhhhh! My v…voice, my body, HELP ME!”

Henry morphed into a blonde chick in a royal blue satin top, hiked up black jean skirt, black bra and panties, tan thigh highs, and black patent three inch heeled pumps, along with some light makeup, perfume, earrings, and long French manicured nails! As he began to scream, grabbing at his new throat with his long nails scratching it, he squatted out of his control and suddenly Kyle was naked with only his jeans around his ankles with his cock fully erect.

Henry’s mouth went to it, and he began sucking out of his own control, in utter shock inside his mind, but powerless to stop his very first blowjob! He grabbed Kyle’s ass with his left hand, and he put his right on his silky smooth nylon clad thigh, his mouth firmly around his buddy’s cock sucking away on that meat pole! Kyle was on autopilot too grabbing the new woman’s hair, guiding her head gently as she sucked him off so profusely! They were both receiving pleasure, though they were not in control of their bodies. Kyle was feeling the wonders of receiving his first blowjob from a woman, while Henry was feeling the wonders of being a horny woman with a wet pussy, pleasing her man, almost like a slutty desire and pleasure as his pussy got wetter and wetter, building towards orgasm just sucking a dick.

Eventually, Kyle pulled back on Henry’s hair, and then pushed him forward again, releasing his seed into Henry’s pretty new mouth. Henry was disgusted, yet turned on at the taste of the man before him, and swallowed automatically. He then looked up at his buddy with lust, seeing if he was satisfied, then shuttered with his own orgasm between his legs.

Henry said out of his control, “Oh, you taste, like, so good there stud Kyle! Any time big boy! Take me any time you want, you big strong hunk of a man.”

He heard his own female voice saying that, sounding like a total slut, but not being able to control it.

“Kyle, baby, I want to put your sexy balls in my mouth the next time, I’ll be your tea bagging little whore,” Henry said to his surprise!

Kyle said, “You are my little dick muncher slut. Someday you can make my babies, you hot little whore.”

Both finally regained control. Henry freaked out spitting out the remainder of cum in his mouth, as he grabbed as new boobs and pussy in disbelief. Kyle pulled his pants back up, freaked that he just did his friend who was turned into a woman right before his eyes. The coin had turned Henry into a cock muncher slut, but at least now he was in control, that is until his super urges would pretty much insure he was a slut from then on, all on his own.

Henry ran for a mirror screaming, and nearly feel in the heels. When he seen himself, with cum around his mouth, in a feminine outfit, he realized he should have never called Kyle a dick muncher, now he, no SHE was one!


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