The old switcharoo

This one was requested by @Lfr1106 🙂

<<Fuck! Fuck! Oh god what have you done?>>
<<Wow! My breasts… they feel so good!>>
<<Stop touching your… my breasts! And give me back my body right this moment!>>
<<Calm down Leonard. I’m just borrowing it for a little bit.>>
<<Don’t call me Leonard you little punk. Return us to normal or I swear that I…>>
<<What? What are you going to do? There’s nothing you can do. You have no idea how I did this. We will be stuck as each other until I will decide to turn us back to normal and you are going to live with it! Understood?>>
<<Why? Why are you doing this?>>
<<Oh no reason in particular. I was just curious, that’s all. I have to admit that it feels rather good to be a woman. Sure this body may be a little bit past its prime, but I’m still insanely hot. I will have so much fun discovering what this body has in store for me.>>
<<This is insane! You can’t do this!>>
<<I can and I will. Relax however, I’m not planning to keep this body. I’ll return it to you… eventually. But for the time due you will have to pretend to be me and vice versa.>>
<<I will not just sit back while you do god knows what with my body. I’m going to ruin your life while in your body.>>
<<Go on then. You will just harm yourself. Remember that I’m the only one who can turn you back. I can just live you like that forever to face the consequences of whatever you do while in my body. I will just swap bodies with someone else if I ever grow tired of being a cougar. Remember, now you are Leonard, and I’m Mrs. Andersen, the hot milf next door. And it will be like this as long as I please. Understood?>>
<<I… I…>>
<<What’s the matter, Leonard? Cat got your tongue?>>
<<I… Yes…>>
<<Yes what?>>
<<Yes Mrs. Andersen.>>
<<Wonderful. Now, we should still have a couple of hours before your… well, my husband comes home. And I can see the hard-on you are so clumsily trying to hide. So what do you think? Are you ready to have me experience the joys of womanhood? Just because this is a strange situation doesn’t mean we can’t both have some fun together while we are like this.>>
<<I… I can’t! This is too absurd!>>
<<Oh sweet child, I’m sure I can persuade you. As soon as I get my hands on that little thing you will not be able to resist me. And tonight I will have some fun with my husband as well. You always say that he is not as good at sex as me, but I’m sure he just needs some encouragement. And I will be sure to give him all he needs. I’ll get the max out of this body. Now come here! I can’t wait to feel that cock of yours inside of me!>>


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