I had been a body builder for most of my adult life. But it was all really just to distract from my deep desire to become a woman. I would spend hours in the gym everyday, just to try and fool the world and myself into thinking I was a ‘real man’.
The day I found the old guy in the magic store and he convinced me to give into my wildest dreams of femininity was the best day of my life.
He warned me that his magic could only go so far, that the extra mass on my body would have to go somewhere during the transformation. But I didn’t care.
When the disorientation subsided after the change I was shocked and delighted to find I was a beautiful, thick, large breasted woman. I couldn’t have been happier and I can’t wait to find a guy to worship my bountiful new body.

(I’m just coming back from a long period without writing, so comments and suggestions would be appreciated. I’ll also take try doing requests if people would like? Thanks.)


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