Shifted To a Momma

Ted was just a twelve year old kid, and one day he blacked out while playing outside in his tree house. When he awoke, he was holding a book, and was naked, and very curvy all over with boobs, and his buddy was gone! He noticed he was a bit plump, and his yellow tipped nails and soft small hands seemed a bit odd to him, but he used them to feel his new areas. He grabbed his left nipple tugging it and liking the sensations. As his right hand found his new plumbing, he was delighted a bit too. This was new to him, and as a kid that liked to explore, this was certainly new territory. He was puzzled by the marks on his belly, but would later find out they were stretch marks, from having his two twin sons.

Ted found out the Great Shift made him this way, and that he was a single mom. Apparently the woman in this body before was really bitchy to people, especially boyfriends, and would lose them. He knew he would be different, and learned to like his new life. He just wanted to get rid of those stretch marks though, but in the mean time would have to wear a one piece bikini at the beach!


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