Wet Nurse?

My wife decided that she couldn’t breastfeed our child any longer, it was to painful and she didn’t produce enough milk.
” I would if I could” I told her jokingly “The baby will do just fine with a bottle”
“Mothers milk is best” she scolded me “I’m going to take you up on your offer. My friend Judy just gave me something that she said would work” she added

She opened a bottle that contained a shimmery white powder an took a pinch and blew it in my face and I just chuckled. But I felt my shirt getting tight around my chest as two large milk filled breasts ripped open my shirt and fell into my lap and then I realized that I was now a woman.
“An ancient wet nurse spell handed down through the ages” she explained “By the size of those you could feed probably feed a dozen babies”she laughed.
“Here ” she said “Try some, it will be good for you” as she put my nipple in my mouth and I did because I was still to disoriented to decline.

Then she hooked my swollen breasts to an electric breast pump and began to drain them, it felt so good that I fell asleep

When I awoke and back to my normal self, the torn shirt the only evidence of what had happened too me.

“I’m so proud of you honey” she said as she patted my head ” You really are good at everything. no one will ever know our little secret. Let me make you something healthy for dinner, you need to be well fed now that you are eating for two” as she headed for the kitchen, humming to herself.
I later learned that she was always going to use the formula, and did. She just wanted to have a little fun with me – at my expense of course


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