Bosom buddies

My army buddy and I had volunteered to be genetically modified into women that produced breast milk that gave soldiers the enhanced strength and endurance needed to fight the aliens. Scientist had accidentally created a gene that when spliced into human DNA would allow females to produce this gene in their breast milk, giving anyone that drank it a temporary performance boost..

We were warned that the transformation process was new, with limited testing and the results were uncontrollable, random and irreversible, but there was a dire need for the milk.
We were assured that we would be taken care of for the rest of our lives – so me and Rodger signed up.

The process was top secret and we were sedated so neither of us knew how it worked – only that it did.
I transformed into an Asian girl with extremely large breasts and Rodger was now a cute, slim blonde with much smaller boobs.

My swollen boobs hurt all the time and when ‘ Rodger’ notices my discomfort he would massage them for me sometimes. And naturally, we usually got a little turned on though we never talked about it.
‘Why did they have to be so big? I moaned. “I didn’t realize that I would become a industrial sized supplier”

The boys seemed to like them though, but I am concerned that someday some guys eyeballs might literally pop out of his head. I usually try to dress some what modestly, but from time to time I will let the girls out to play and revel in the ensuing mayhem they create. It’s never a dull day when I slip on a form fitting t-shirt, a pair of tight jeans and some killer high heels – so much fun

We are milked twice a day and it isn’t unusual for either of us to orgasm during the process – it feels so good.
We tease each other about getting married and making babies someday but the future of the world was uncertain – only time would tell


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