Welcome to The Boob Club

As Harry walked into what he thought was a whorehouse, he met three naked buxom busty chicks. No surprise there really, but what happened next was!

“Welcome to The Boob Club, sir. We are now hiring, as our staff is low at the moment. Congratulations, you are the lucky winner of…,” the woman smiling in the back of the three said.

Harry felt weird, softer, curvier, chest heavy, crotch different. He looked down and seen a body much like theirs! He was now a busty woman, just like them! How was this even possible and why? He thought he was a client, not worker!

“Sir you just happened to be the 100th customer at our new establishment, so you are the lucky winner of that gorgeous body you see before you. How do those lusciously huge boobs feel on you? Amazing I hope. We thought what could be better than being with the whores here, than actually being in one of the whores, actually being one yourself! That is the ultimate experience, not being close to us, but becoming one of us,” said the woman, explaining her case to the new female Harry.

Harry’s lip gloss pink lips were open in shock, he, no SHE was without words at the moment, stunned. She hefted her new boobs up with her long pink nails, nearly cutting herself not used to the sharp long nails of a woman. She looked back at the three women, after staring over her body intensely.

“What is your name,” asked the woman in back.

“H… Ha… Harry! Oh my… my… voice, I even sound like one of you! What’s happened to me,” asked horrified Harry.

“What’s happened? You’re a woman just like us now, one of the whores! Like I said, the best experience is to be one of us. Harry won’t do however. How about Harriet. It’s a nice play on your man name. Harriet Hills? How about that, since you have such lovely hills as a part of your massive new chest! Time to be a girl. My name is Jenny Jugs, below me is Macy Mounds, and below her Madison Melons. Our names reflect our womanhood and our boobs. Welcome to the club Harriet Hills! We hope you like being one of us,” said Jenny smiling and winking.

“OH MY GOSH,” said the new Harriet Hills, still in shock as she put a finger in her new equipment.

“You’ll learn to love it Harriet, and with your new desires, you’ll learn to love all your clients, starting with the well hung construction guy coming in this afternoon while on his vacation,” said Jenny.

Harriet was partially upset, and partially turned on at that thought! What did they do to her, and why was she thinking like them now? Soon she wouldn’t care, as she grabbed her first cock.


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