Vlog #506

OK, this is Friday the 30th of January and today I’ll be testing out three different vaginas. Hold on, let me get the camera right… There. Can you see… Yeah, that looks good. Right! So first off we have Erin who goes to my church. Getting hold of her bikini bottoms was tricky but thankfully we had a social last week at the lake and she left her bag in the locker room. It was just a matter of using the Medallion to turn into this lovely woman whose face I’m currently using and slipping in while everyone was swimming.

So let’s take these off. Nice, right? She just turned 19 and as you can see has nice, neat pink lips that stick out a little bit. Let’s dive in… nnnf… Wow. That feels great. She’s so tight! Maybe too tight? I love how she looks but I don’t think I’ll be able to fit that dildo that user JDBeatman bought me. Thank you JD by the way!

Now taste… oh wow. So sweet! I wasn’t expecting that! Aw I just want to dive my tongue right in there! Erin, you are a great find!

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