Fair Trade.

I was on my knees in a hotel room with Ashley firmly in my mouth, yes you heard me correctly. Ashley now owned the dick that I wrapped her lips around. This dick had been mine for 30 years and I had wrapped my hands around this dick on several occasions to pleasure myself. I knew how this dick felt when I tugged on it, I knew how this dick felt when I put it inside a woman, but now for the first time I was feeling this dick inside my mouth. How did I end up here? Oh yeah because I had chosen this. All my life this is where I felt I belong. I belonged on my knees pleasuring a man. Hell I belonged anywhere pleasuring a man, because I always felt that I should have been born a woman. I have always had a woman trapped inside of me. I had been friends with Ashley for years and while I had never outright told her, she suspected the way that I felt. Ashley had decided she was sick of the periods, sick of the maintenance of being a woman, sick of the make-up, and sick of the double standards. She said she wanted a dick because in her mind dicks had all the power. Ashley had decided that she could go farther in life as a man. Ashley had bought an old necklace at a small consignment shop. She had suggested that we use the necklace and perform a trade so that she could have what she wanted. I accepted this deal without any hesitation and I could have cared less why she wanted a dick so badly. I would happily give her mine in exchange for her unwanted pussy.I had spent my entire life wishing for what Ashley was willing to trade away. I had always wanted the hair, the make-up, the clothes, the periods, and the ability to put a dick inside of me. I would no longer have to tuck my penis into a pair of panties when I wanted to look like a woman. It was freeing, I was no longer a crossdresser, no more fake breasts or fake vagina, I now owned the real things. Ashley had her dick, and she was finding out first hand that I was more than ready to replace her.


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