Virus contamination

“Oh come on babe you now you want me” purred the blonde in the blue jumpsuit.
I felt my heart beat a little faster and I did indeed want her but deep down I knew that she was once my best friend Andy who was a man. “Andy come on mate, you’re a man, I don’t want to fuck you”
“But please Joe you have to know, I am a woman now and my name is not Andy it is Anna.” Stated Anna “And let’s be honest you want to fuck my brains out”
“Andy, I mean… Anna. I have no desire to have a sexual relationship with you” I tried to sound firm and confident but I don’t think it came out that way. The truth is I though she was incredible and I would love her to caress her body against mine.
“You could join me you know Joe” smiled Anna. “I am only a woman due to the virus that makes people female. I have that virus and if we were to participate in sexual activity. We would be women together, it would be great”
“I’m not sure that would be me” I could feel my cock stiffen at the thought of her mouth massaging my manly penis.
“Oh come on baby I’m sure it is, just look at me” with that Anna unzipped her jumpsuit and revealed her large round breasts. I was in awe. I had never seen a better pair of tits in my life or a better woman. With that she strode towards me in the sexy way only a woman can. She dropped to her knees and removed any clothing that stood between her and her goal. Finally she exposed my proudly erect cock. Her succulent feminine lips surround it and make it moist with her saliva. The feeling was sensational. She moved her head back and forth as she massaged my cock with her magnificent mouth. Gradually my body changed the more she sucked the more my penis shrunk she continued until it was a pretty pink shaven vagina. Not only had my genitalia changed I was a full women with the hair, the breasts, the curves and all. She did not stop however. She licked my clit until I reached an unreal orgasm. Wow, that was really something.


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