Slutty Woman

Gary wished in the wishing well for a slutty woman, and was baffled, when he was now squatting down in a t-shirt with big boobs, long hair, and a flat crotch in shiny pantyhose and dark grey heels. A short black flared skirt was nearby, apparently the one that belonged to him now, but he must have thrown off! Then as he now she looked in front of her, there were three well hung dudes waiting for her, with their pants down!

One dude said, “Hey Gina, you look hot with your skirt off. Time to show us a good time you slutty woman!”

With that a gentle breeze blew across her now wet pussy, as she realized she was in for another shock besides her body, and these men looked hot to her too! She got her wish, but the well, used the person wishing to grant it, HER! She would also find later the well was gone, along with any chance of returning to her former life. Now she was a slutty woman for good, but her new desires would ease her into that lifestyle.


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