Unlucky twist

“Let’s see Ron what I’m able to do in the body of this bitch!”, Tom excitedly said into the webcam to his best friend and colleague. The two of them knew quite sure that Vivienne here slept her way through the top of their company so they wanted to humiliate her somehow to get her out of the way.
Tom, who had luckily bought a medallion of Zulo a long time ago which he used from time to time to mess around, broke into Vivienne’s house while she was home alone and sleeping, used chloroform on her, chained her in her basement and took of every piece of jewelry and clothes she had on her. He noticed that this bitch even had a but plug in her ass, to keep her ready for anal. He took the but plug out, since he wanted to be ready for that too.
After he was finished in the basement, he gathered in all the items he took of her and moved up into her bedroom.
There he took out the medallion and put on her wedding ring he choose to use to transform. Immediately he began to change into Vivienne’s luscious form. It all happened very fast as his body became small and frail, his new breasts began to push out into perky c-cups without any sag, his hands became delicate and soft with long nails and perfectly done french manicure. As his face changed into Vivienne’s and his hair grew long and blonde he noticed something some tickling in his brain too, but shrugged it off.
After his successful transformation he took the clothes she wore that day at the office from the wardrobe, some black and skimpy top and a black short business skirt, and put it on his now very female body. It felt so tight put it fit him perfectly and after he put her earrings into his now pierced ears and the pearl necklace around his now soft kissable neck, he was stunned by the beauty that was now in the mirror. Now only one thing was left as he took the but plug and put it between his ass cheeks of his new bubble but. It was a weird feeling but he strangely liked it.
“You’re one hot and dirty piece of woman Vivienne, but soon no one will take you seriously any more, I’ll make sure of that.”, he said to his beautiful reflection in his newly acquired soprano voice with a sinister smile on her beautiful lips.
So now, Tom sat in front of her laptop, video chatting with his best friend to show of his new skills Vivienne’s body was capable of. She seemed to have no gag reflex, so he could rpeatetly prepeatedly push the big dildo he found in her nightstand as deeply as he could into his new mouth down his throat.
“See? I knew she could do that like a pro. She would be an idiot not to use this ability to accomplish her goals. She even had a but plug in her ass to be ready for anal! I think we two could test that out some time.”, Tom explained in Vivienne’s sweet voice and winked at Ron with his stunning new eyes.
Suddenly, right as he randomly spotted a picture of Vivienne and her husband on their wedding day, something in his mind seemed to click and the sight of “her” husband made her feel tingly all over her body.
She couldn’t wait for her husband to arrive home on the next day. All the things she would do with him in bed made her pussy wet with excitement…
“What’s wrong dude? You suddenly got an other expression on your face, is something wrong?”, Ron asked. Tom’s mind snapped back into place as he noticed his left hand with the wedding band on his ring finger was inside his pussy and felt wet. Even his new nipples were greeting him trough his skimpy top.
Tom was totally baffled and didn’t know what to say. Something seemed to have gone wrong.
“Ron, I don’t know what happened, I seemed to be that bitch for a second. All I did was thinking about her and her husband Richa…. Who are you?!”, Vivienne asked the stranger on her laptop and quickly turned the power off.
Little did “she” know that the wedding band she put on earlier was a cursed artifact who changed the body and mind of the one who had it on his finger into what the creator of the ring wanted. So “Vivienne” didn’t really exist, Richard, “her” husband crafted that ring quite some time ago to get himself the perfect wife.
So poor Tom here would be Vivienne from now on, the medallion of Zulo would be forgotten for a long time again and the former Vivienne, who was originally a guy called Brad, was now in his his old body and mind again, freed himself and was already far away.
Tom would take his place as Richard’s perfect and successful wife with her special skills he wanted in bed. And “Vivienne” would be very happy to do as pleased


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