Undercover Part 3 (Final)

The CIA sent in three more agents to the college, but all of them were lost, just like Kyle. The director went home, frustrated and upset by the case, only to find a young blonde sitting on his couch.
“Hey bossy!” the blonde purred.
“Who are you? How did you get into my home?”
“It’s me, silly!” she giggled, “Kylie!”
“Oh my God Kyle, look at what they’ve done to you…” he said, approaching the girl.
“I know! Aren’t I sexy? Look at the pussy they gave me, don’t you love it?” she said, sex practically dripping off of her voice as she held her legs high in the air.
“Kyle… what… why are you here?”
“My um… princi… head… umm… the college lady told me to tell you that if you stop sending spies and stuff she’ll let me be yours! Wouldn’t that be so good!”
“Shhh…. let me help you make up your mind boss!” she said, unzipping his pants.

The CIA didn’t send another agent to the school and, while girls continued to go missing, the town’s population slowly got sexier and hornier every day.


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