Reversal Rings: The Beach

“Mike, what´s that?”, my girlfriend asked me when she saw me pick up something from my beach bag.

“My little brother gave it to me. He said he would give it to me if I wore it at the beach”.

“Why aren´t you putting it on then?”, she curiosly asked.

“Nah, why should I? If he asks I just tell him that I put it on and took it off again. It´s mine now”.

“Here! Gimme!”, Gabrielle said and snatched the ring from my hand. “Looks expensive”, she said when she took a closer look at it.
Without even asking for permission she put it on her left index finger.
She seemed to sway for a second and lose her balance a little before regaining it.
“YES!”, she suddenly exclaimed. Then she saw Mike and made a suprised look on her face.
She tilted her head down.
“Aw, crap”.
“Babe? Did you have an allergic reaction or something?”
She looked up again. “Huh? Um, no. I`m fine. I can deal with this”. The last part she added with a smile.
“You scared me there, you know. Never do that again”.
“I promise! On my boy…err…girl scout honor!”, she said with a hand on her heart. Maybe she wanted to tease me because she squeezed her boob shortly afterwards and saying “Awesome!” with a big grin.
“Yeah! They are awesome. Whaddya say? Let´s go for a swim, nobody can see what we are doing under the water”, I winked to her.
She was definately excited because she literally dragged me into the water.


Back at home the body of Toby was snoring in the bed thanks to a couple of sleeping pills. On his left hand there was an exact copy of the same ring Gabrielle currently was wearing.


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