Uncle Betrayer – Part 2 #Uncle

Friday I’m able to go to school and have all of me present and accounted for. I’m a little on edge now and seriously considering taking the suit off. I was hasty in putting it on, not knowing how it might behave. I see now I should have gone over it more with my uncle and gotten a few more hints, but I trusted him. I thought he would warn me of the pitfalls.

At break I sit with my phone going through all the settings and checking for the release command so I can get out of the suit. My heart sinks as I see the switch is locked and costs an excessive amount of the credits.

I try to find the store and how much extra credits cost but there isn’t one. I text my uncle as I go back into class “Hey how do I get more credits, how do I earn enough to take the suit off?”

All through class I feel trapped and enclosed. Till we finish and go for lunch I check my phone but as I eat my sandwiches there’s no response. As I finish lunch I get a response and I quickly read it before going into class.

“I can’t really go over it in a text, I’ll switch the feed on and tell you.”

As I sit at my desk I hear my uncles voice in my head.

“Hey kid, so there’s no store available you have to get the credits from other users.” He starts to describe what he means as the teacher drones on in the background. “If you pick a couple of mates and get them to download the app, then give your suits control code to them then they can use their daily credits at a two to one rate to make changes to the suit. One goes to the app developer and one goes into your account. You get to keep those and spend them how you like.”

I nearly respond but keep quiet, just mumbling a hum to indicate I understand.

“Oh you can write if you want to say or ask anything just look at it so I can read it. The feed shows what you’re looking at and what you can hear.”

“What?” I write, “When were you going to tell me you could do that? Never mind, so to get the suit off I need to charge people for the right to reshape my body?”

“Sure if you want to look at it like that. But just get a couple of mates you trust to chip in and build up the credits till you have all the ones you need. You get twelve a day, so you can earn six from each of your mates you let have the code.”

“At that rate I’ll be stuck in this for weeks. Will it reset again every Wednesday?” I frantically scribble.

“Yeah I guess, it doesn’t hold custom patterns in its memory for longer than seven days. Sorry.”

“I don’t want to be a woman every again. I really freaked out.”

“Victor it’ll be fine, you know this is the cycle now so you can plan around it. Do you have some mates you trust?”

I look around the class and stare at my best friend Tony and a couple of the other guys, and my uncle comments “They look like good sorts.”

So I chase his voice off and try to focus on the class, deciding if I should let them all have my code or if I should start with one and see how it goes. I decide to start with Tony first.

At the end of the day I ask him a favor and tell him to get the app. And that I’ll explain why and send him a code later.

Tony texts when he’s got the app and questions why he had to get it.

“You know my appearance changed last week, this is how. My uncle got me a bodysuit and we coded it to keep me clear of acne, and the rest. But I need more credits. I can get them if you use your free credits on my suit. Can you do that… just small stuff people won’t notice so I can save up the tokens.”

“Sure whats the code.”

I hesitated but texted back “Thanks Tony, its #99654657”

I sent the message and I heard a small ping in the suit a few minutes later.

“Got it cool, oh wow your suit has lots of fun options. LOL”

“No doing anything shitty man, just the small stuff ok.”

“Sure ok V, you want I should start now?” He seemed eager but I wouldn’t have my phone soon so I asked him to wait till the next morning after my folks went out.

“Ok V. Will do.”

I went to bed and soon fell asleep. But woke up feeling very woozy around three in the morning. I had been dreaming about Tony and i could still hear his voice. “Hey you’re awake cool. Go to the bathroom look in the mirror.”

I slipped out of bed and in a daze staggered off balance to the bathroom, and nearly screamed out loud when I focused on my naked female body. This shock woke me to realise I could hear Tony in my head like I could my uncle.

“No, no no. Tony you dick come on this isn’t fair. I don’t have my phone I can’t change back. How many credits did this take?”

“Oh five or six I think.” He seemed to enjoy this. “You look amazing. Look at yourself.”

My eyes returned to the mirror and I took in my full figure.

“Oh yes, tweak those nipples V.”

I started to tease and pull on my nipples, without a sign of resistance and though the feeling was intense I cussed him out. “You dick. Why can’t I stop doing this?”

“Don’t call me a dick. I’m in control, I spent the rest of my credits opening up one of the add on features. I activated the Psyche option and set you to submissive. I want you to twist your nipples and moan for me V.”

The voice in my head spoke and I followed the commands, moaning and whimpering as I teased my nipples. I could hear him grunting and breathless now as I kept looking at myself while my face screwed up in pain.

“Please Tony don’t do this.” I begged but he didn’t respond the grunting breathy noises just got more hurried till I realised what he was doing.

“You… oh fuck you dirty… you. Tony don’t you dare.” I said in a cute female voice trying to sound as accusing as I could.

He didn’t stop and eventually in a much raspier voice told me to go undo the changes. Then went quiet.

I walked out of the bathroom and down to the lounge, trying to move with my unfamiliar center of balance. But at my phone I focused and skipping the ads I opened the tabs and went straight for the new Psyche options. But on my screen they were all greyed out. I couldn’t undo the Submissive setting, so I moved on as commanded and undid all the other settings spending all but three of my credits.

Then went back to bed and cried myself to sleep.


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