You are a twin. You are a 17 year old boy with shaggy blonde hair. Your twins name is Carly and she is the same height, has the same colored hair, and has quite a similar face to yours so it is not hard to tell the two of you are twins. You have always been a bit jealous of your twin though. She was always the pretty one and the one that people liked more. She was the outgoing cheerleading captain while you were just a benchwarmer on the basketball team. Despite your attempts at being manly you had always fantasized about being your sister instead. Being pretty and popular and being able to wear that cute cheerleading skirt was your dream. One day you finally decided to indulge in your fantasy and you snuck into your sisters room and tried on her cheerleading outfit. You were having fun posing in front of the mirror when you heard, “That looks good on you sweetie.” You practically jumped out of your skin and turned to see your twin smiling at you. “I think you need more to really sell the image though honey. Don’t worry, I’ll really make you into my twin.” For the next 2 hours your sister works on making you beautiful. She helps you shave your entire body besides your head and then has you use certain soaps to smell lovely and girly. Then she gives you a new set of her clothes. First cute pink panties that make you blush as she slides them up your legs, a black padded bra, a white shirt, and jean shorts. Then she straightens your hair and puts a ton of makeup on your face. After she is done with your lipstick she steps back and says, “All done, take a look.” She gestures to the mirror. Nervously you step in front of it and gasp. You see your sister in the mirror! But it is you! “Wow we had more potential to really be twins then I thought. You look great sis!” You smile and realize that this may be the start to something wonderful.


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