Brandon thought he was a great guy. He was sporty, handsome, and he had an extremely hot girlfriend. His girlfriend though, Katie, currently had a different viewpoint. When she had first agreed to go out with him, Brandon had treated her more like she was a trophy that he’d won and he showed her off to his friends in the same way. At first Katie didn’t mind much but he kept doing it and actually started doing it more. Eventually his friends started making crude comments to her most involving how she was nothing but Brandon’s arm candy. Meanwhile, Brandon was practically cheering them on. Later Katie brought it up to Brandon and told him that it bothered her and he just laughed. He patted her on the head and told her she was being cute. He said, “Oh you’re being so cute Katie. Just stop worrying about it and enjoy the position you have won yourself.”

Understandably Katie was infuriated and she stormed out. How dare he talk to her like she was five years old or some bimbo! She would show him who the cute one really was!

Brandon didn’t see Katie for almost 3 days when out of the blue she showed up again acting all giggly and excited. “Why are you being so cute?” Brandon asked. Katie just giggled more and told him to follow her. Brandon agreed to so the pair went for a walk. Soon after a black van pulled up beside them. Brandon was about to ask a question when the side door flew open and a bunch of hands grabbed him and pulled him inside. Brandon was shocked as he felt Katie’s hands pushing him inside the van too. The side door then closed and the van sped off. Katie just laughed and walked away.

About a week later Katie returned home to her apartment from her college classes and entered her bedroom. She let out a gasp as she saw this (Picture.) on her bed. Katie laughed and asked, “Well who might you be?” The beautiful petite girl responded with, “My name is Becky! My favorite color is pink! I love the mall and boys! And my number one hobby is being cute! (Giggle) Wanna be my new BFF?” Katie stared at the girl that used to be her boyfriend. She grinned and uttered, “Perfect.”


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