True Punishment

Mark closed his eyes while the strangers dick entered his vagina. He tried to think about something else. Something more beautiful.

Mark made the mistake to cheat on his girlfriend. And his stupidity was even worse, because he did knew she was a witch. It was the reason he datet her. The sex with her was amazing, but he never loved her. So Mark sleeped with other girls.
When she found out she cursed him into the body of a hot girl. To turn back he had to fuck over fifty times as one.
Now he his working on his fifth one. He still prefer it to be fucked from the back. to close his eyes and fill his thoughts with the image of naked hot girls.
But this time it was different. He started to moan and it was difficult for him to imagine the girls.
Soon he will wonder what his true punishment is. The fact he had to fuck again and again as a girl to regain his old self. Or the fact he learned to enjoy the pleasures of a woman which he is going to lose it one day.


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