Truck Stop Gender Swap (Ch. 4)

I started to pull my shorts and panties down when I heard a noise from behind me. When I turned to see what it was I got a really big surprise. There was a big black cock poking through a hole in the stall wall. I should be disgusted seeing that I was a guy less than 5 minutes ago but I’m not. I’ve always wondered how a black guys dick would compare to mine and now I’m looking at one. I instinctively reached out and grabbed it. Damn this thing is HUGE! The color is also mesmerizing to me against my pure white hands. I’ve only ever touched my cock before and it’s strange how different it feels when you can’t feel your fingers touching yours. I now sense the size, silkiness, heat, and pulsing all thru my fingers wrapping around it. I am so turned on now! I feel how by breasts have hardened and my pussy is wet and throbbing.

Hey mister, do you have any limits to what I can do? Holy Shit! My voice! This is the first time I’ve spoken since I’ve changed. He responds, no baby, I’m here for your fun. Mmmmm, is this what the waitress winked at me for? I love the way he called me baby, it made my heart beat faster.

Continued in Ch. 5


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