Too many witches

Cassie and I had dated for awhile, but then I broke up with her because she was emotionally unstable and started dating her friend Gwen. We were hanging out at my place one night when Cassie suddenly burst in.

“I’ll teach you two to fuck with me!” Cassie shouted and threw her hand into the air. A bolt of purple light hit me and suddenly I was a woman with a huge rack! Then Cassie turned and pointed at Gwen. That’s when it really got interesting. A bolt of yellow light hit Gwen, then bounced back and hit Cassie!

Cassie suddenly shrank down and lost all her curves. She screamed in a rage and I learned something. She’d turned herself into a teenage boy!

Having apparently lost whatever power she had we threw her from the room and locked the door. Gwen looked at me with a weird grin and explained.

Cassie and her were witches, only she was much better at it than Cassie. She’d expected this and cast a protection spell on herself. She apologized for not thinking to cast one on me as well. The whole time she was explaining this to me she kept staring down at my breasts. That was when she said she thought her ward might not have been 100% effective. While Cassie’s spell had meant to turn her into a teenager, and had mostly rebounded. the part that hadn’t left her with the sexual desires of a 13 year old boy!

So now we’re both lesbians which is pretty sweet. We like to tease Cassie who is back in middle school by sending her pics and videos of us kissing and fondling each other. I can’t imagine the sexual frustration she must feel as she masturbates to the two of us playing with each other!


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