Time for school

Even after buying that magic spell and casting it to fix her teenage brat of a son, Mike’s mother Reese was surprised to see her new daughter up from bed so early, but she felt a surge of pride. “Time for breakfast honey, eat it while it’s hot. A girl’s gotta eat before school.”

“I’m just adjusting my socks, mama, and I’ll come down to eat,” answered Mike, who now answered to the name Mikaela. He smoothed his school uniform and socks and skirt and bowtie and primped his blonde hair. Then he went downstairs and sat at the table and started eating his oatmeal.

“Umm, mama? Can I ask you a question? I mean a personal question?”

“What is is, my darling?”

“I know that homeroom and first period school are gonna start in an hour so we’d need to get on the road, but when I woke up I found my…my…white panties are wet and red and I am scared, so please help me mama.”

“Oh my god, I think you’re having your menarche, your first period!” Reese exclaimed. “Hang on, my girl! Let me get you a pad, and I’ll write you a note so your homeroom teacher won’t complain. You’re a woman now, I’m so proud of you!”


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