This is not my reality.

Matthew passed out after 15 hours of playing his favourite virtual reality game hookers vs Zombies.

Where you played as a New York prostitute trying to survive the end of days.

He had no idea that he passed out from exhaustion and thought he was still playing the game.

He could not believe how realistic everything felt all of a sudden.

He could feel the cold night air on his bare breasts that jiggled with every recoil of the gun he was holding in his slender hands the smell of the burning city and the undead that were rapidly approaching.

He clapped his hands together to exit the game but nothing happened.

Than a strong male voice behind him said if you want to live come with me and not knowing what else to do he turned around and ran to the man and into the back seat of his waiting armored limo.

Still dazed and shocked with no idea how he had gotten stuck inside his own favourite game not knowing along the way that he would meet many young men that this had happened to and that the game was really a test from a parallel universe where women were the dominant gender & were looking for the greatest warriors to save them from extinction and they were nowthis universes last hope of survival.


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