Not What I Meant

I am sure it was a misunderstanding.

My favorite teacher when I was in high school was my English teacher, Ms. Sherry Roberts. She was a good teacher and she treated me like I was a real person rather than just a 17 year old. She was funny, and mellow, and even would tease us guys about how handsome we would be at 25.

I went off to college and started getting better around women. I heard she married some guy which gave me a little twinge because to me she was the ideal woman, but of course I knew she wouldn’t be interested in me.
I just hoped that her husband would take good care of her.

I did end us wishing that I could find a wife like her. I most certainly did not wish that I could BE a wife like her. The genie got it wrong and I am expecting that he will put me back in my own body soon.

But right now I am in Sherry’s body in her first month of marriage. I can tell you Brad is certainly taking “good care” of me, every single chance he gets. He has decided that one thing that will happen in the first month is that he will fuck me in each room in my house. We have done the kitchen and the bathroom and of course we do the bedroom all the time. The man just loves doing me. One night at dinner when I was eating my salad he looked over at me and said “I got a special dessert for you tonight.” I found myself on me knees at the dining room table sucking away at his tasty cock. And liking it a lot. But when am I going to have time to prepare my lesson plan for school?


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