James was tired of work, he got lots of jobs to do, being hassled by his co-workers and his boss is angry at him. He figured that this was time for a break, he walked to a abandoned warehouse and popped a FemX pill there. His body began to hurt as his chest slowly stretched out creating two breast that were slowly wrapped in a bra then slowly seeing his new chest his abdomen began to suck in taking away any fat that wasn’t use to create his new boobs and also taking his dick as well and after excruciating pain his new body was almost complete that was when his hair length grew until it touch his breast, His lips plumped out as all of his face reconstructing. Then he felt something extremely hot in his crotch, his pecker was shrinking and ready to create a vagina. As soon as his pecker shrunk away, He felt his newly formed vagina burst liquid everywhere. He now she was searching for a mirror and as soon as she looked at it, She saw a gorgeous girl with a long curly brunette hair. She felt very shy as she never have done any sexual act with a woman, she grasps her breasts and it felt amazing. Her nipples stiffen as her hand goes down to her vagina, “Masturbating never felt this GOOD as a man” she said. She let out orgasmic moans and squirted uncontrollably, and then she screamed of pleasure. The effects was supposed to last for 2 hours and as soon as james reverted back to his male self, he was wondering that if he should get those pills again for some “relaxing” time.


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