They All Got Their Wishes

Three wishes, three guys, and all had the same idea – it would be much better for them to become busty hot babes, instead of just being with them. So, Jed (left) became Jessica Jugs (with the medium sized huge boobs). Ned (middle) became Natalie Nuggets (with the small sized huge boobs). Ted (right) became Tessa Torpedoes (with the large sized huge boobs).

Natalie Nuggets, however, was jealous of Tessa and Jessica’s larger boobs than hers, but glad what she had felt good. Jessica was jealous of Tessa’s bigger boobs than hers, but grateful she didn’t get the smallest of the three like Natalie did! Tessa was glad she had bigger boobs than Jessica or Natalie, but realized her back was already killing her, and in public with boobs this big she would stick out like a sore thumb! They all had their pluses and minuses, but in the end they all three were glad they were chicks instead of dudes, and glad they had nice boobs.


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