The teenage mind

Brendan — like most teenagers — was a horny kid. So when he thought he was alone on the bus one night, he put in his headphones and started watching porn on his phone. He was really getting into this one scene, his hand in his pocket, surreptitiously rubbing away, when he suddenly noticed an old woman in the seat across from him! He pulled his hand out of his pocket and went bright red, staring intently out the window. Had she seen him? His eyes darted towards her then away. The disgust on her face confirmed his fears. Shit.
Suddenly she spoke: ‘That’s a filthy habit young man. Cut it out or you’ll regret it!’
Brendan was so mortified he ran off the bus at the next stop and walked the rest of the way home. That night as he was trying to get to sleep, he pulled out his laptop and loaded up porn as usual. As the scene went on, he found himself with one hand on his dick and the other… pinching his nipple? What was that about? Whatever, it felt great. He finished up, cleaned up and went to sleep.
When he woke in the morning his chest was sore. He reached up to rub it and immediately realized something was very, very wrong. He ran to the bathroom to confirm his fears: he had breasts. Small ones, but definitely breasts. He pinched his large nipple and nearly collapsed in ecstasy. Whoa! That was unexpected! He was curious…
Ten minutes later he had ruined his boxers and was finding it hard to care about the new additions to his body — new additions that seemed bigger than he remembered them being. Could he go again? He looked down at his dick. God, maybe not: his cock looked like it was retreating from the idea itself! … but it was so tempting! One more, then he would take a shower! He began to play with his breasts and rub at his dick, at first like normal, but then in a circular motion that felt phenomenal. As he worked and worked, his eyes closed in euphoria, he failed to notice his rapidly shrinking cock and swelling chest. Right as he was on the edge of orgasm, his finger slipped into his new pussy and his heart nearly leaped out of his mouth. ‘Oh FUCK! Oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck! What did I do! What did I do?!’ he gasped, yanking off his clothing to see his new equipment. Sure enough, it was all there: a perfectly bare vagina, flushed from his activity but otherwise unspoiled. ‘This is NOT right!’ he groaned, surprised at the pitch of his voice. What to do now?!

He had a thought. Not a very complex one, but then he was a teenage boy, and not a terribly bright one: wanking had gotten him into this mess. Why couldn’t it get him out?


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