The Spy Who Wouldn’t Shag Me (Yet)

Day 35
Frederick’s Log

He still doesn’t suspect a thing. This female “Eva” disguise has been perfect in every way, those doctors really knew what they were doing, even down to these new lady parts! Luckily I’ve been able to evade his… sexual advances… up to this point, but Dom still trusts me enough that he will be taking me to their secret hideout this weekend anyway. Then, the whole operation will be blown, and I’ll finally be able to return to my male form.

Day 36
Dom’s Log

“Eva” still doesn’t suspect a thing. His disguise is pretty flawless (and beautifully so), but it didn’t take me long to realize that he is an undercover spy. He is, after all, still a man deep down with mannish mannerisms. That won’t be for long. I have all the tools and doctors and hypnotherapists necessary at the hideout to make his “womanly conversion” a complete one, one where “she” won’t be able to deny her newfound femininity. I’ll finally be able to make her mine, forever.


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