I get a lot of spam, I never open one of those e-mails. One caught my eye. “the girl you want…”. I hesitated, but I clicked on it, just to see what spammers send this days.

The e-mail had 3 pictures and message that said “choose the girl you want”. Each of a girl with a t-shirt of different nacionalities. Germany, France and England.

All beautiful, but the english girl was my kind of girl, I clicked on her. I fell dizzy and passed out. Everything was black. Suddenly I saw a dot of light, the dot started to get bigger, and bigger, until it covered my whole vision. When I was able to focus again, I saw my self in the mirror, smiling, and holding my cellphone. I was taking a selfie before going out with my gals. “Emily! time to go!”, my friend sam yelled, I pulled my hair back took another selfie and yelled “coming”, today, like every wednesday, was girl’s night out.


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