The Smuggler

John is a smuggler. A very successful smuggler. John doesn’t smuggle drugs or gems or any such mundane items. No, John smuggles women. John will receive an order to deliver a woman to a particular location. Sometimes it’s a particular woman and sometimes it’s a certain type of woman. It doesn’t matter to John because, you see, John is a body hopper. First John locates the package then hops her. Then using the package’s own credit card, ID and passport, purchases a one way ticket. In effect, the package delivers herself. Take Sarah here. She appears to be just another American college student on vacation as she goes through airport security. Yesterday she was a women’s studies major at a leading east coast liberal arts college. Tomorrow she will awaken to find she is a birthday present from a wealthy oil sheik to his favorite nephew for the nephew’s 16th birthday. And John? With his fee safely deposited, he will just hop an unsuspecting traveler for a free ride back to the states. Ready to deliver the next package anywhere and any time.


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