The Smells

The change of body and the situation surely freaked Charlie out after the Great Shift put him in the body of a super hot brunette in her early twenties ready to blow her really well hung stud boyfriend. The silky long hair framing his soft face, and two heavy sensitive weights on his chest, and the wetness of a new pussy were all shocking him at once, not to mention staring a cock much bigger than his was, right in middle! Charlie’s mouth was wide open, not to take in the cock, but in shock.

What was more noticeable, though, was the smells. Almost immediately Charlie smelled the musky scent of the man before him, his cock wet with precum. He could smell that scent, and he could also smell the strong perfume scent on himself. The musky scent was turning him on, and it was like the cock he was staring at was enticing him. It was his new desires and urges taking hold, as the body he went into was very horny and into men. One more scent filled the air, but was faint because of all the perfume. It was the scent of a pussy, now his pussy! He’s smelled wet pussy before, but not on him! He knew now he was turned on by this stud, and probably couldn’t resist much longer. Realizing he was now a female, and this would be straight, he started to take in the large member, and felt waves of pleasure in doing so.


Charlie was so overwhelmed he couldn’t help himself. He was really liking this. Later on he would find out he was Rachel Lovins, her boy friend was Peter Givins, the Great Shift made him this way, and there was no way back, and he was now pregnant with triplets that were all girls, courtesy of Peter his new boyfriend. With being female himself, and soon to have three daughters at once, Charlie, now Rachel will get her fill of femininity through out her new life, and the fill over her stud loyal loving man Peter Givins, whom she would marry a few months before having the babies.

The new Mrs. Givins smiled, as the Great Shift made her happier than she could ever have imagined. When a woman at the wedding made fun of her pregnant belly and maternity wedding dress, Rachel lost it with her hormones all over the place.

“I’ve only been a woman seven months now, and I make a better one than you ever will Miss Bitch lady,” said Rachel to the woman making fun.

“I hope there is another Great Shift, and you end up a fat hairy dude with back hair, a bald head, and no girlfriend,” she went on to say.

The woman just laughed, “Dear, you’ve only been a woman for a short time, so shut it. I would have waited to have the wedding after the pregnancy, instead of embarrassing yourself.”

“Embarrassing myself? I’m proud to be a pregnant woman, and I look beautiful in this dress carrying my daughters,” said Rachel very angry and upset.

The woman then toppled over and blacked out. The Great Shift hit again, as they were in a different state for the wedding, and this occurrence happened in a twenty mile radius usually. This time, Rachel and her soon to be husband Peter, were not shifted. However, in poetic justice, the woman that was talking ill of Rachel was…. Guess what she ended up as? You guessed it, a fat balding man with so much hair on his back he looked like a Chia Pet without his shirt on. He had thick facial hair too and a chest that looked like a carpet. His arms were mega hair and legs too, and looking down the new man screamed, hearing his new low nasty sounding voice, and seeing a bunch of ugly tattoos. The woman in his body passed out.

The man however, that was in that hairy body, was pleased. He ended up in the woman’s body that was complaining about Rachel. He was now Linda Sassy, but he wouldn’t be as sassy, since he thought this as a gift. He hated his body and always wondered what it would be like to be a woman. Now he was a woman, and was already happy to have such a hair free body. Rubbing his new pantyhose silken smooth legs, his bright red lips smiled.

Rachel noticed the woman was someone else now, and the man in Linda’s body said, “I heard what she was saying to you, and I’m sorry. Even though I have her body, I wouldn’t say those things, you do look lovely. I’m happy and proud of you, and I’m happy now that I’m a lovely woman like you. I hope you enjoy being a girl as much as I will.”

Rachel said to the new Linda, “I do, I really do. Let’s go for coffee later, and have some “new” girl talk.”

Linda replied, “Sounds like fun, but you two need to tie the knot yet first, I hope the preacher is still himself.”

He was still himself, and that day, Charlie, now Rachel Lovins, became Rachel Givins, Peter’s lovely pretty wife, and mother to be. Linda on the other hand became her best friend, and they soon would be shopping for clothes and out having a good time on their lady’s days. Meanwhile the old Linda was upset, regretting her bad ways with people, upset at being stuck as a fat bald hairy guy, but she did like her newfound strength, and entered some arm wrestling contests winning good money.

The Great Shift worked out in ways that made things actually better than before, and perhaps that was the reason for it to begin with?


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