the seminar

I always thought the chinese girls were easy and submissive. That’s why i always have the fantasy to have one as girlfriend. When i saw a seminar in china wich claim to teach all the seductive technics to charm chinese girls, i jump on the occasion. I take one month of vacation and take the plane. The next day after i arrived, i went to the seminar. There was a was man of approximativly my age and, judging by the accents and language, we all come from diffrent countries and it appears i was the representant of the US. The meeting began and we sit on the chair, waiting for the teatcher. An hostess bring us all a glass of water before the teatcher come. It was a really good looking chinese woman. I was pretty surprised that it wasn’t a man but maybe it was for the best. It was hot in the room and i take a sip of my drink. And i wasn’t alone to do that. My vision suddenly blur, i saw the guy next to me fall off his chair and all went black.
When i woke up, i felt weird. I was in a bed and completly naked. But the contact the sheets made with my body felt wrong. Like if my body part weren’t at the same place. I look down and see two massive tits. I rise up to see more and realise with horror i have now the body of a really hot girl. Judging by the look on the mirror, i was now asian. I began to panic, i have difficulty to breath and heard my now very feminine moaning. The girl i saw before at the meeting enter my room, only wearing a bikini.
“i see you have waken up, you are the last. Put on that, we are waited” And with that she throw me a bikini with an american flag patern. I took it and was mesmerise by all this.
becoming impatient, the girl go to me and began to wearing me with the bikini.
“What…what have you done to me…” i success to say.
“You are now of a marital program. You came with the will to take advantage of our girls. Here, we transform you into what you looking for. A perfect obedient girl. And we make a lot of money with it. Some really rich people are interested to your kind of merchandise. And don’t try to escape, without a husband, you have no identity and no future. You are conditionned to never say what you used to be and you will realise soon you are now attracted to men. So forgot your all life and embrace your fate. At least you are hot. And be proud, you have the biggest breasts of the batch, i’m almost jealous. ” with that she finish to put the bottom of my bikini, making a slap on my ass. She then push me in the corridor leading to a stage where other girls in bikini waited. They all wearing a different country flag patern and i realise they were the guy of the seminar.
The curtain open and i saw a bunch of men wearing suit. And then, the auctions began. I was presented as Ju-li, and all seems to react when they say i was originally an american. After that all went quickly and i lost track of time. I was sold to an around fourty year old man for good amount of money, didn’t remember how much exactly, just it was a lot. My buyer seems pretty nice, and i hoped i will continue like that.
As i enter in his car, i remember waht my ambition was arriving in this country. I wanted to find a girl and found a family. At least one part of my desire could become realiy now. Just not really how i though it would be.


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