Change of Life

Mitch had seen the girl just as he entered the kitchen, a very beutiful girl in her pink and very revealing dress. There was just one problem with this; she was a stranger that he had never seen before. “Who the hell are you and what are you doing in my house?”

“My, my”, she said smiling with a grin. “You are so handsome when you act manly and protective. It makes me want to take you here and now”.
Mitch was baffled. First he found an intruder in his house and the next second she offers him sex. “Get out! I`m happily married and I don´t need a skank like you around here. Get out now before I call the police”.
“Don´t you recognize me? It´s me, your friend Gerald”.
“Gerald? He has been gone for six months and he was very male the last time I saw him. Last warning before I pick up the phone”.
The girl chuckled. “True, I have. You see, I found this strange remote that enabled me to change literally everything. How people think, how people look and how they percieve the past.”
“Lies, technology like that does not exist.
“It does. I changed myself from a fairly big man into a this busty bombshell. I made tweaks here and there on my body to make me more satisfied. Sex as a girl is quite fulfilling, the whole body is just one big erogenous zone”.
She paused.
“I´m cutting to the chase; I want you in my life Mitch. You are funny, good looking, succesful in both your social life and work. You are the catch of the year. I tried to create a copy of you but it lacked something that made you….you.”
“Even if a fraction of that is true I`m still in love with my wife. A stranger entering my kitchen can´t change that”, Mitch was seriously freaked out by now. Not only was the intruder a sexy woman, she was also out of her mind!

Gerald picked up her remote and pointed it at Mitch. “And that´s where you are wrong”. Her manicured finger pressed the button.
The beam shot out and hit Mitch in the chest.
His eyes glazed over for a second. Rubbing his eyes like after a long sleep he opened them up and saw his wife Jeri standing in front of him. God, she looked so sexy in that dress. He couldn´t believe his luck when she accepted the ring at the altar.
He loved when she pressed her body up against his, feeling her generous breasts against his body. He usually placed his hands on her hips just to keep her closer.
Suddenly it dawned on him! Crap! It was date night and he wasn´t finished yet. Just play it cool, keep her happy and they would end up in bed anyway, as usual.


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