The Revenge

Oliver, we’re sure you enjoyed your time with us as your sex slaves, but it’s time you get a taste of your own medicine. It’s your turn to turn into a girl and to serve the man. Oh, how did we break from your mind control you might ask? Yeah, being turned into a submissive and obedient bimbo was a pain in my ass. Spreading my legs for a delinquent like you… Now that I got some sensibilities back, it was pretty fucking awful, you know? Anyhow, since we’re so much better human being than you are, we’ll tell you. You remember Frank, right? From the office downstairs? He walked in, saw us, and took the role of the alpha male. I guess you didn’t know your spell can be overtaken by other more masculine man. To be honest, he is indeed more manly than you wimpy ass boy. Obviously as you can see, he didn’t let us turn back into guys, or let us go from the mind control. But he wanted more. So that’s where you come in, Oliver. We’ve been waiting for you in this room for quite some time with this spell from your grimoire of yours. We can read too. So, you will join us in his personal harem. He’ll thrust you good, believe me. Oh, that face. Yep. In your mind, you’re probably thinking, there’s no way you’d be willingly give yourself to Frank. But just hold on a second and let me give you a good rub on your clitoris. Once you cum, you’ll know what we’ve all went through. Enjoying it yet, you slut, Olivia?


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