The New Anna Akana

Listen Anna I’m sorry but I’m not giving you this body back. It’s mine now. You can complain all you want but there is nothing you can do. I’ll be living the life of Anna Akana now. Only with a few changes.

I’m getting rid of these stupid cats first and foremost. They are all ways in the way and are messy. You can take them if you want. I’ll keep your YouTube videos going, though I’ll be aiming for a more mature audience. I don’t need your old fan base. I’ll get my own.

I’m throwing all of your old clothes out and using your credit card to buy somethings a bit more to my liking. The spell I used to switch us gave me all of your memories and mannerisms. I’ll be leaving your boyfriend for someone who can really stretch this pussy out. I’ll also be getting a new better paying job. I know a club down the block that needs some fresh new girls. Guys will pay big bucks to get between these legs.

Now please leave before I call the Police. I have a new friend coming over soon. He will be helping me get more acquainted with my new flesh. I can’t wait to test out this pussy. According to your memories you have some amazing orgasims. Once he has had his fill I’ll be heading to my new job. Feel free to come by if you want a taste of your old self. Once I’m more popular it will be kinda hard to get to me. I plan to have a huge client list.


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