The Nerd Gets Laid

Hank the nerd wanted to get laid badly. The guys that usually bullied him came up with a plan. They invited him to one of their parties on the weekend. Hank reluctantly accepted, wondering why they would invite the nerd of their school to a party.

He showed up, and when he entered, Andy, the one who lived at the house, waved a medallion at Hank. Hank passed out, and when he awoke, he was upstairs on Andy’s bed, naked, wearing only his old nerdy glasses. Looking over his new body, and feeling strange, he seen why. He was now fully female!!! Staring at a mirror, he seen that he looked like a sexy blonde version of himself, like if he’d been born a good looking girl. His glasses actually looked way less nerdy now.

As he grabbed at his new tiny waist before touching his new boobs and pussy, he noticed his nails were painted also. Andy had his sister paint Hank’s nails while he slept. Andy also called in sister, telling her Hank was now awake and aware of being a chick. Hank’s sister Aubrey, brought in a cute floral dress and some strappy wedges, along with a bra and panties. She told him to put them on and join the party. He would make a much better nerd now.


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